ICT Services for Agrof-MM

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ICT Services for Agrof-MM
by Miklós Herdon - Friday, 16 September 2016, 9:51 AM

Dear Colleague,

I inform you that the Agrof-MM ICT Services are launhed.
A) Web portal
(The web portal static pages are ready in different languages, but you have to check them and send the mistakes to me)

B) LimeSurvey system

C) Vidyo virtual room
PIN protected

D) AgroFE project content (for knowledge dissemination)

The accounts (username, password, PIN) for the above sites are stored in the moodle within the
ICT Services for Agrof-MM course category

You already have account in the Moodle system (your username id your e-mail address)

If you have question(s) problem(s) let me know.

Best regards,